Mirror TV’S

You can say hello to sharp style and goodbye to sharp edges with our custom-framed mirrors TV’S.

With an extensive range of materials at our disposal, we can provide the perfect glazing for every job and the ideal mirror for every space.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we offer abroad range of options, our choices can meet your needs.

If your frame is to be shipped or in a high use area, we use the highest quality light and
dielectric semi-transparent mirror that transforms it into a mirror when the TV is turned off,
it disappears completely, providing a beautiful reflection just like a regular mirror.
To ensure the highest visibility with no tint, the mirror coating is done on low iron (Starphire) glass.

All our custom framing is prepared in-house on our beautiful Italian framing machinery.

We source the highest quality timbers, including local Australian and Italian. Additionally, our selection of materials, which encompasses 99% UV glass, non-reflective glass protection, and acid-free mat boards, is extensive and impressive.

Our Framing Process