Principal Framer and Founder

Felicity Bird is the founder of Drumrossie Framing. As principal framer, she utilises her expertise and passion to craft exceptional frames that accent your special pieces.

The care and attention to detail that Felicity takes in her work is evident in every Drumrossie creation. Relying on her unique ability to picture the finished product before beginning the process, along with her problem solving and design skills, she is able to think outside the frame and provide clients with outstanding service.  

Qualifications and Awards

Felicity is a qualified framer and has completed a Certificate IV in Picture Framing, which includes a four-year apprenticeship. She was also named the 2013 winner of the prestigious Furnishing Industry Training Award for her framing work.

Drumrossie Framing

Safeguarding your treasured pieces is our passion

We know how important special items are. Whether a cherished family portrait or a priceless painting, the things we hold dear are part of us. So, ensuring they remain perfectly intact while also being stylish displayed is essential. 

At Drumrossie Framing, we pride ourselves on creating one-of-a-kind frames that you’ll love. We specialise in custom framing for photographs, artworks, and objects with a focus on collaborative creation.